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Kinetic Light Artist

  • Cheetah Discotech, light sculpture, New York, New York
  • Charlotte Mormon’s, Fifth Annual New York Avant Gard Festival, 24 Hours on board the John F. Kennedy Ferry Boat, Battery to Staten Island New York
  • Central Park Festival, Central Park, New York, Kineticism Press
  • Kinetic Environment II, Central Park, New York, Kineticism Press
  • “A Happening”, New York University, NYC
  • Charlote Mormon’s, Sixth Annual New York Avant Gard Festival, “A Parade”, Central Park, New York City
  • Youth Pavilion, Hennie Farm, San Antonio, Texas
  • Uni Trio, Judson Memorial Church NYC, Lighting and Projections
  • New Year’s Eve Festival, Central Park, New York
  • Charlotte Mormon’s, Seventh Annual New York Avant Garde Festival, Wards Island, New York
  • Multi Media Garden Piece, Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont, Liquid Slides and Lighting
  • Super Bowl XIII, Champagne Party, for 3,000 people, Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami, Fla, fifty slide projectors, 35mm slides, 35mm Liquid Slides, 4 – overhead projectors, liquid projections, fog machines and strobes. 360 degree projections on white stretch fabric and walls. Red and blue, cove lights allowed me to control ceiling lighting
  • 1st Annual Artists and Models Ball, Miami, Florida
  • 1979 Man of the Year Award (Chip Carter), Miami, Florida
  • Maurice Gusman Concert Hall Dedication, University of Miami, Miami Fla. Scored original slides to original music score by Dr. William F. Lee, PhD MusD, Director of University of Miami Music Department. Two large 10’ by 10’ projection screens were erected on either side of the Orchestra, two 35 mm slide projectors per screen with dissolves were used for this event.
  • World of Christmas Trees, Lowe Art Museum Coral Gables Fla, I placed nine fluorescent tubes sleeved in red, green and blue, vertically in a Christmas tree. The fluorescents were sound activated
  • Audio Visual Technical Director, “Mushroom” a multi-media Rock Musical This was inside a 40’ diameter Inflatable Translucent Dome for audience and performers, consisting of a very large strobe light, five 16 mm film projectors, twelve 35 mm slide projectors and one overhead liquid projector. [7]
  • Miami Ballet Society Gala, Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, consisted of 4 overhead liquid projectors, fifty - 35mm slide projectors with dissolves, 2 fog machines and strobes. Again 360 degree projections. By varying the lens sizes I was able to paint a connected, continuous image on the stretch fabric and walls.


  • Lighting Director” Good Morning” America Summer 1986, live television show with Joan Lunden, David Hartman, and Dave Murray in Santa Fe New Mexico. When this live show aired in the Eastern time zone, it was still dark in Santa Fe and the producers wanted to see a “sunrise” in Santa Fe, so I faked one and no one not on set knew it was fake.
  • Lighting design for KOAT TV, News studio, channel 7, ABC affiliate, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Lighting designer, KLUZ TV, News studio, Channel 41, Univision, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • La Toya Jackson, live 90-minute TV special and main stage production, from Bally’s Casino, Reno Nevada, Lighting Design.
  • Lighting designer for the Dali Lama’s worldwide global satellite uplink from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Dance Productions


  • Rudolph Nureyev, Dance Performance at Popejoy Hall, Albuquerque, University of New Mexico. Designed and constructed a special 40’ by 60’, “sprung” dance floor, as his knees were shot and he could no longer dance on a marley floor layed over a hard wood floor.

1982 - 1983

  • Dallas Ballet, 1982,1983 in Santa Fe New Mexico, Master electrician.


  • “Sor Maria”, Chamber dance/opera piece, lighting design, Center for Contemporary Arts, Joseph Weber, Michelle Larson, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


  • Bill Evans, Dance, lighting design, Armory for the Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


  • “The Conquest of Mexico”, Peter Garland, Live Dance Theater Piece. Lighting Designer, projections, pyrotechnics at James A. Little Theater, Santa Fe, NM and Cal Arts, Los Angeles, CA.